Investment Banking

Through its U.S. subsidiary, the Group offers specialist investment banking services to public and private companies.

Its range of services encompasses:

• private placements of equity, debt and convertible securities for public and private issuers;
• merger and acquisition and other corporate finance advice; and
• development and placement of structured finance products.

Private Placements

The Group has historically specialised in the placement of equity, debt and convertible securities for public and private issuers. From formation, the RP&C group served as lead manager, co-lead manager, principal placement agent, sponsor or adviser for issues aggregating over $8.5 billion.

The Group’s corporate client base has spanned the US, the UK, Continental Europe and India. Its clients have been active in fields as diverse as energy, mining, property, healthcare, technology, e-commerce, telecommunications, environmental services and leisure. Placements have ranged in size from $1million to more than $250 million with most in the range of $10 million to $50 million.

Its extensive range of contacts with institutional and sophisticated private investors has enabled it to develop and market securities which catered for the requirements of investor groups and corporate clients alike.

Corporate Finance

Through its U.S. subsidiary, the Group has the experience to provide companies with expert international corporate finance advice and the resources to enable them to accomplish their business objectives. Its range of services includes valuations, fairness opinions, corporate reconstructions and restructurings and merger and acquisition advice.

The Group’s diverse mandates have included:

• the provision of strategic advisory services to public and private companies in Europe, Asia and the US;
• the acquisition, merger and disposal of companies in the US and Europe; and
• the valuation of assets owned by public companies quoted in the US and Canada.

Structured Finance

The Group has been involved in the development and placement of structured finance products. Client issuers have included industries as diverse as oil and gas production and financial services in the US, the ownership and management of real estate in the US and Europe and forestry in New Zealand. Buyers and credit enhancers of asset-backed products have included some of the largest banks, hedge funds and insurance companies in Europe, the Pacific Rim and the US.